Grow Beard Following These Four Easy Steps

how to grow a beardAt times, growing a proper beard becomes a bit of dilemma for many people as they suffer from not having a well grown bear. Here are four easy steps that one can consider following in order to grow beard in the simplest way ever.

Pick up a date, stop shaving

Yeah it is as simple as that. All you need to do is nothing put pick up a random date and stop shaving till your facial hair flourish in the most appropriate and desired way. This is the best initiative one can ever take.

  • Use trimmer once you have a fully grown beard.
  • Never attempt to shave within few days, give at least a month.
  • You cannot determine the exact beard growth if you opt for too much trimming.

Utmost commitment is essentially required

Just like in case of any other matter; commitment is equally required for growing a proper beard. Many aspirants often tend shave off the beard too soon as they tend to change their mind quite often. Some of them get impatience for not being able have a proper beard, but they really need to understand this is all genetic and some of them really need some amount of time to have a properly grown beard. Thus it is quite essential to stay dedicated and grow a full beard for at least a month.

  • Trimming beard too soon might lead to a disproportionate beard growth.
  • Beard might grow and fill well in some areas while the other areas might remain somewhat barren.
  • Awkward beard growth shall lead you to opt for the same old clean shaven look.

Maintenance of beard, once it is fully grown

Once you have a fully grown beard it is time for you to maintain the beard. Though there will be some itching and skin irritation during the beard growth process but that will eventually stop and nothing to worry about. You can maintain your beard by using the following essential devices.

  • Use beard comb for a perfect grooming and managing your beard properly.
  • Use beard trimmer for the trimming purposes which shall help your beard stay in the desired shape.
  • Cordless trimmers are however preferable to go with which shall manage the beard growth minutely.

Proper shaping of beard

Now that everything is done and set, it is time for you to consider shaping your beard properly so that it does not look weird and awkward. Try shaping your beard keeping in mind the jaw-line you have which shall enable you to come up with the most perfectly shaped beard. You can start shaping your beard after the first month but do not attempt for an unnecessary shaping before the first month at least.

Thus, these are the above mentioned simple steps that can prove to be quite successful in growing and maintaining a proper beard which you can surely flaunt among your clan of friends.

Renowned Tools And Products For Beard

As beard grows on the face, it is an essential and sensitive part of the body. People need to use proper products to look after the beard. The products should be full of safety. Otherwise, bad products can make a bad effect on the skin of face. The caring tools can be divided into two parts. One of them is washing part and another is maintenance part. If the washing tools and products are full of germs and excess chemical things, it can harm the skin permanent. Besides, any rough maintenance tool can provide infections to the skin. So, the users should be careful of the products and the maintenance tools of the beard.

Washing products: As the beard is one kind of hair, the beard should be washed regularly with renowned and quality shampoos and other products.

Billy Jealousy Beard Wash: This face wash is generated for the beard of the face. The price of the beard is not so high. People need to cost only $20 for the face wash. Billy Jealousy Beard Wash provides you shiny and strong beard to your face. The face wash is full of vitamin and protein. Vitamin and protein are highly needed for the beard growing. When the face will get proper nutrients including vitamin and protein, the beard will be strong enough.

Mr Natty Face Forest Soap: This facial soap is more beneficial for the face. It removes the oily mood of the skin. The beard will be clarified after using this soap. The soap makes the beard soft but strong. People can easily make different styles of beard after using daily. The soap is full of protein and vitamins which are highly needed for the face and beard. People have to spend $15 for this product.

Baxter of California Facial Scrub: This scrub will clean your beard from the root of the beard. The beard will be shiny and soft. Though the beard will be soft, it is healthy. People need t wash with this scrub one time in a day. After using one month people will find the finest beard.

Tools for shaving and trimming beard: There are plenty of shaving tools and gels in the market. But it is tough to select the right tools and gels for the beard. Now, we are providing a brief of some products who are enlisted in the top.

Zirh Shave Gel: This is one of the most popular products to the users. Day by day the users of Zirh Shave Gel are increasing for its quality. With $12 people will find a Zirh Shave Gel. Before shaving this shaving gel is used. It softens the beard and make easier to shave smoothly.

Gillette shaving gel and foam: Both products are very popular in the market. Gillette is the highest seller of shaving gel. People will feel comfortable after shaving with these gel and foam. Besides, they provide various shaving tools for smart and comfort shaving. People have to spend $18 for the gel and $ 10 for the shaving foam.

Philips laser guided trimmer: As shaving with blades is harmful for the skins, trimmer is highly used as alternative. In this trimmer, laser system is used for accurate cutting of beard. It is too expensive. People have to spend $ 95 for the trimmer.

Some Basic Things Of Beard Transplantation

Beard growth is a procedure of genetics. Sometimes, it is observed that some people are suffering from no beard. It’s a problem of hormone. There are plenty of medications now about the beard growth. Hair transplantation of beard is one of them. People need to know the procedure of the therapy.

Definition of the beard transplant: Beard transplantation is not different from hair transplantation. It is almost same. The hair transplantation is done to the balding scalp. But this transplantation is done by taking hair from the chest and other parts of the body. Most of the time, the hair is taken from the chest.

Operation needs plenty of times: To finish the surgery a surgeon needs plenty of times. It will take more than five hours. It is the main complicacy of this operation.

It grows like facial hair: Some people think that the hair will not match with your face. But it is totally wrong. The hair will be shaped as like as beard. The doctor will ensure the matter at the time of surgery. So, the patients don’t need to think a lot about the beard after transplantation.

Solve other problems of beard: Beard transplantation provides not only beard it gives the solution of other complicacy. But you need to make a consult with the surgeon about the matters.

Procedure is free from pain: Someone can think it is a painful procedure. The patient won’t feel any panic on his face. So, the people an easily take this operation after consulting with a specialist. But it is needed to choose the right person or doctor for the operation as it is a sensitive operation.

You have to lose some hairs from head: For this treatment you may lose some hairs from the scalp. To get something you have to sacrifice something. Think again and again before doing any hair transplantation of beard.

Avoid shaving 10 days after the operation: After the surgery the patient need to avoid shaving for 10 days. It is not obvious but it can save your skin. It is better to avoid any kind of trimmer and shaving metals on the face for some days. Because transplanted hairs need to adjust with the face.

Permanent: Most of the medications are not permanent. But the beard transplantation is permanent. People don’t need to worry about the permanence of the beard transplantation. So, the operation can be taken with the guarantee.

Expensive: The cost of the total operation is expensive. People need to spend plenty of dollars for the operation. It is not affordable for all people. It is only affordable for the rich people.

Lack of experienced surgeon: You will not find available experienced doctors and specialist for doing this operation. Before taking the decision of operation, you need to think about the experience of the doctor. When you will not find experienced doctor, you should avoid the operation. An un-experienced doctor can damage your skin. When the operation won’t be done properly you can feel plenty of problems. So, try to be ensured about the doctor’s qualification.

Side effects: The procedure is not risky. But people have to worry as it is a surgical transplantation. People can feel various side effects as like as scurvy problems, infection etc.

Safety And Precautions Of Premature Graying Beard

Premature graying beard is very embarrassing and common crux. It can be happened for various causes as like as lack of nutrients, lack of proper sleeping and taking mental stress. Besides, excessive taking of alcohol and hot foods can cause premature graying hair. Now we are going to brief the main causes graying hair on your face and the remedies of graying hair.

Causes of premature graying hair:

  • Lack of nutrients: When the scalp and face will not find proper nutrients including protein, vitamin and iron, the color of the beard will be changing. The color of the beard will be gray maximum time. The young people get embarrassed, when the premature graying beard is seen on the face.
  • Lack of proper sleep: Proper sleep is so important for the healthy hair and beard. Most of the time it is seen that young people complain against hair falling. Lack of proper sleep causes not only hair fall but also premature graying beard. The blood circulation throughout the body will not be performed, when people don’t sleep properly.
  • Mental stress: Mental stress is another cause of graying hair in premature age. When young people take plenty of mental stress in their brain the hair growth hormone doesn’t work properly. As a result people can find gray beard in premature age.

Remedies of graying hair: people don’t need to think a lot, when they find graying beard. There are plenty of remedies which can provide you black beard.

  • Boiled curry leaves: Curry leaves can be a great medication of premature graying hair. First of all you need to take some curry leaves and the leaves should be boiled in water. When the leaves will be mixed with water, you can take it. It will work better, when it is taken continuously. Besides, you can take the leaves with coconut oil. In this case, you need to boil the leaves with coconut oil. Then the mixture should be massaged on the graying part of your beard. Continuous using this medication within one month you will find the finest black beard. The curry leaves can be used with Amla powder too. When the water is boiled with leaves, you need to mix it with amla powder. It is also helpful for the beard.
  • Drink Amla juice daily: Drinking Amla juice daily can be very beneficial for the beard. When you will drink the juice for one month you will be starting to find the output of the juice. After all, amla is a great solution as like as curry leaves.
  • Massage with cows butter: Cows butter can be the most beneficial thing. When you feel your beard is graying, you can take some cows butter. Then the butter can be massaged on the beard for few weeks. You will get the optimistic result of using cows butter daily.
  • Take proper nutrients: As the premature graying hair can be happened for the lacking of nutrient, you need to take proper foods which are full of nutrients. When the face will find the proper nutrients, the beard will be black within few weeks.
  • Avoid junk food: Junk food causes plenty of diseases to your body. It can cause this premature graying hair problem. So, the junk food should be avoided as far as possible.